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Madani pearls of decoration in office and room
Updated information of Pak Kabinah office ‘UAN’
Updated dates of an advance schedule
A process of the preparation of a department’s presentation
Analysis of success of the department planning 2026
A general policy for all Zimmadaran of Dawat-e-Islami
An updated method of receiving the performance of department and 12 religious activities
The performance of Zimmadar employee policy
A method of appointing / changing Zimmadaran
Nigran Majlis Pakistan, department performance Zimmadaran (Pakistan)
Property and construction department
Different updates and organizational policies will be issued from Pak Kabinah office.
Yaum-e-Qufl-e-Madinah Ijtima’at
Contact the successor Amir Ahl-e-Sunnat and Nigran-e-Pakistan for messages.
Updated words for waking up for fajar